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AIDS is a global tragedy, striking Africa especially hard. Rampant reuse of disposable syringes is responsible for as many as seven million cases of AIDS in Africa alone. Substandard Health care continues in Africa while AIDS spirals out of control. Public health officials are reluctant to discuss this problem, perhaps in fear that Africans will avoid critical medical care, such as inoculations for malaria and other virulent diseases. The thrust of AIDS prevention campaigns is on safe sex, and healthcare risks are critically overlooked.

In Libya, five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor were arrested in 1999 and convicted of infecting over four hundred Libyan children with HIV in a Benghazi hospital. Libyan prosecution, operating at the discretion of infamous dictator Moammar Kaddafi, has maintained at trial that the nurses conspired with the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad to maliciously infect the children.

In this hard-hitting film, Mickey Grant travels to Kenya, Bangkok, Sofia, Libya, Rome and London in an attempt to discover the hidden truths. He follows the trail of syringes from hospital to garbage dump, and then back into Africa's health care system. He interviews leaders of the World Health Organization, Amnesty International, government officials, the Kaddafi opposition, Bulgarian journalists, medical scientists, and health care workers. We also hear from two imprisoned Bulgarian nurses, the son of Moammar Kaddafi, and families of the infected children.

Could these healthcare workers have committed this horrific crime? Or, are they scapegoats to divert attention from institutional shortcomings? Is Moammar Kaddafi ultimately responsible for this tragedy? Is syringe reuse common in Libya and the rest of Africa? If syringe reuse is spreading HIV, why is it allowed to continue? Bottom line, millions more will continue to die unless the world health care community addresses these issues.


Produced, Directed and Photographed by Mickey Grant
Co-Produced by Jim Curtis and Cindy Grant
Edited by Jim Curtis and Mickey Grant
Music by Callen Clarke and Jamal Mohamed
Written by Cindy Grant and Mickey Grant
Story Editor - Ramona Dea Lucero
Art Director - Nick Curtis

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Mickey Grant